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Why run for City Council?

Baltimore’s grassroots community does the hard work to make our city great, but they don’t always have a seat at the table or access to the tools, resources or support to get the job done. When Stephanie founded the Skatepark of Baltimore (SoB), a volunteer based non-profit organization dedicated to the construction of public concrete skateparks in the City of Baltimore, she was fresh out of college. She had a dream to create safe recreational spaces for our youth, and after more than a decade of advocacy, community organizing, planning, and fundraising she led the organization to success in bringing a world-class facility that will serve the residents of this City for decades to come.

Stephanie was a young woman with a dream and now she wants to take what she has learned as a community organizer to help individuals and communities develop and achieve their vision for Baltimore.

About Stephanie

Stephanie has a rich background of work experience and a record of community service that make her the best choice to lead the 14th District.

About Stephanie Murdock – by Mary Junell


Stephanie has a rich background of work experience and a record of community service that make her the best choice to lead the 14th District.

She currently works as a Legislative Liaison for the Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD) where she is responsible for monitoring local, State and Federal legislation and providing constituent services to the residents of Baltimore on behalf of the agency.

Stephanie served as the Legislative Director to Baltimore City Councilmember Mary Pat Clarke from 2012 until 2019 where she was in charge of overseeing legislation and constituent services in the 14th District.

She assisted Councilmember Clarke move landmark legislation through the Baltimore City Council. As a community liaison she resolved over 3,000 constituent cases, often times going the extra distance to address difficult problems.  Stephanie wants to continue Councilmember Clarke’s legacy of responsive and effective constituent service and introduce legislation based on the needs of her community.

Prior to working for Councilmember Clarke she was a Baltimore Community Fellow for the Open Society Institute where she engaged youth in recreational programming and advocacy related to skatepark development and the sport of skateboarding.

Stephanie also previously worked as a Project Manager for the Youth Empowerment and Advocacy Resource Center (YEARC) at Inclusion Research Institute (IRI) where she served individuals with disabilities by providing District of Columbia teens and young adults with developmental disabilities, ages 13 to 30, with ways to learn about policies, services and supports that affect their lives.

Before being promoted to Project Manager of YEARC Stephanie worked as a Project Coordinator with the Center for Disability and Special Needs Preparedness at IRI where she was responsible for planning the Disaster Preparedness Project, which was the first project in the United States aimed at preparing service providers to individuals with disabilities through disaster training.


Stephanie has an extensive history of dedicated community service, she is currently serving on the Board of USA Skateboarding, the National Governing Body responsible for coordinating United States participation in skateboarding in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Stephanie also serves on the board of the Hampden Family Center, dedicated to enriching the lives of Hampden residents through education and professional support, and to encourage individual growth and community fellowship. She is also a member of the Hampden Village Merchants Association which works to keep the Greater Hampden area’s (including Medfield, Woodberry, Remington, and Roland Park) mostly independent and locally-owned shops, restaurants and businesses safe, unique and beautiful. Stephanie previously served on the Board of the Hampden Community Council where she chaired the Clean and Green committee and led community cleanups throughout the neighborhood.


Stephanie earned her Master’s degree in Political Management from George Washington University’s Columbian College of Arts and Science and her bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Communications from Towson University.


Stephanie Murdock is a resident of Hampden. She recently married the love of her life Jason Day. She enjoys skateboarding, hiking, camping, fishing, riding her motorcycle and sitting down for a family dinner every Sunday. She also likes volunteering with Baltimore’s “Hon Hive” to participate in activities such as feeding individuals in recovery at the Baltimore Station, educating young people about healthy and unhealthy relationships with the One Love Foundation and raising money for the Special Olympics.


Mayor’s Christmas Parade
1st place December 2018,
2nd place December 2016
2nd place December 2014

Baltimore’s Best Hon
Honfest June, 2017

40 under 40
Baltimore Business Journal, November 2014


For over a decade Stephanie Murdock has been a champion of Baltimore City’s neighborhoods and citizen activists. Stephanie is a resident of Hampden, a proud mentor to 100’s of Baltimore City’s youth and a former employee of Baltimore City Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke, and she is prepared to hit the ground running.

Stephanie is the only candidate committed to a Zero Waste, Zero influence campaign. She rather you donate your time or talent to getting her into office. Stephanie believes that it’s the person not the pockets that should decide who fills the 14th District seat. She is the only candidate with a proven track record of effective and responsive constituent service. Stephanie is a proven leader who is ready to move Baltimore forward.

Please look out for low impact, environmentally friendly ways that you can get involved in her campaign for Baltimore’s 14th Council District.

Baltimore’s people are our greatest resource and best hope for turning our City around. Many of you are already doing much of the work our City government should be doing, whether its organizing trash clean-ups, volunteering at your local school, or raising money to support one of the many non-profits that make this City great, it’s the residents of Baltimore that accomplish much of the needed work on the ground. She wants to empower the residents of the 14th District to affect change in their communities by connecting them with the services and supports to achieve their visions for the City of Baltimore.

  • She wants to provide continuity and continue the legacy of effective and responsive constituent service the 14th District has come to expect.
  • She believes and supports the power of grassroots activism.
  • She personally resolved over 3,000 constituent cases during her time with Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke and helped move landmark legislation through the Baltimore City Council.

Stephanie has seen the power of parks and recreational opportunities and how they can change the trajectory of a young person’s life. After over a decade of park advocacy she succeeded in bringing about Baltimore’s first public, concrete, destination skatepark to the City of Baltimore. She is committed to fighting for quality recreational and parks opportunities by advocating for additional funding for the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks.

  • Stephanie believes that access to recreational amenities is one of the best early interventions this City can make and she is committed to fighting for additional funding so our City’s young people can live up to their fullest potential.
  •  She is committed to modernizing the process for special events permits to create an on-line application process that will make it easier for Baltimore City residents to organize and hold events in their communities.
  • Stephanie will work to promote clean streets and streams.

Stephanie wants to streamline and simplify interactions with City Government. She wants her policy objectives to be guided by the people to make changes in the day to day lives of Baltimore City residents.

  • Stephanie believes in moving Baltimore towards a Zero Waste solid waste management plan.
  • She will work to provide free recycling cans to all Baltimore City residents.
  •  She will work to initiate a food composting program.

Early voting: Thursday, April 16 – Thursday, April 23; 10am – 8pm

Election Day: Tuesday, April 28; 7am – 8pm

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